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URL encoding is a process of representing a web address in a format that is readable by computers.

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URL encode is a simple yet effective way to protect your personal information from being scraped by web scraping tools. By encoding your URLs, you can make it harder for someone to extract your data from a website without your consent or knowledge.

What is URL Encoding?

URL encoding is a process of representing a web address in a format that is readable by computers. When you type in a web address, such as www.example.com, the browser automatically converts it to a series of characters known as an URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
Each character in an URL represents a different part of the web address. For example, the first character in www.example.com is the domain name (in this case, example.com), the second character is the server name (in this case, www.example.com), and the last character is the file name (in this case, index.html). The browser then converts these characters into a series of numbers and letters that are collectively known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address.
URL encoding takes these numbers and letters and replaces each occurrence of a number with a percent symbol (%) and each occurrence of a letter with an underscore (_). For example, the number 97 would be replaced with %7e and the letter d would be replaced with %20_. This process is known as URL encoding because it turns the raw Internet Protocol addresses into readable characters.

%27 - The period (.)
%2d - The

How URL Encoding Works ?

URL encoding is a process of taking the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a webpage and turning it into a numeric code that can be read by web browsers. This code is then used to retrieve the webpage's content from the Internet.


URL encode a web URL for safe transmission. Encodes all non-alphanumeric characters, including spaces and hyphens, into %XX encoding where XX is the number of hexadecimal digits required. For example, www.%22www.%22 becomes www2.

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