HTML Encode

HTML encoding is a method of translating text from one character set to another.

HTML Encode web tool online

HTML Encode is a free online tool that helps you encode (or "encode") your text so that it can be displayed on the web. HTML Encode is essential for creating secure and well-formatted web pages, and it's also handy for converting text between different formats, such as PDF and Markdown.

What is HTML Encoding?

HTML encoding is a method of translating text from one character set to another. For example, the text "This is an HTML encoded string" would be represented as "[email protected][email protected]='/encoded-string-with-html-encoding'", where @ is the character used for the @ symbol.

How to use the HTML Encoder?

The HTML Encoder is a handy online tool that can be used to encode your webpages for easier reading by search engines. The encoding process will help to make your pages look more professional and improve their rankings in search engine results pages.
To use the HTML Encoder, first click on the " encoder " tab at the top of the page. You will then be prompted to enter the URL of your webpage. Once you have entered the URL, the Encoder will start automatically encoding your page.
If you would like to stop encoding prematurely, simply click on the "stop encoding" button below the text area. You can also choose to save the encoded page as a file if you would like to continue encoding other pages later.
Please note: The Encoder only works with webpages that are in HTML format. If your webpage is not in HTML format, you will need to convert it before using the Encoder.
Thank you for using our online HTML Encoder!


HTML encode is an online tool that allows you to easily encode or decode HTML and XML documents. This handy tool can be a great help when working with large files, as it reduces the amount of time needed to convert them from one format to another.

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